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At NFL Forklifts Auckland, we have over three decades of experience in the business of forklift sales, forklift rentals, servicing, and repairs.

Whether you want to permanently add a forklift or a fleet of forklifts to your distribution, manufacturing, storage, port, or marine side business - or you need a short-term forklift hire to shift a large influx of stock - NFL Forklifts Auckland has an optimum solution.

We serve clients across retail, forestry, building, horticulture, hospitality and everywhere else a forklift might be handy. At NFL Forklifts, we can also provide your crew with forklift operator licencing to ensure your Auckland forklift operators comply with industry standards.

Our friendly, efficient forklift Auckland crew are always ready to help you access a forklift solution and organise delivery on-site.

Explore Auckland Forklift Services

As forklift Auckland experts, we offer a wide range of services - we don't just stop at forklift hire and forklift sales.
Read on to discover how we can help you upskill with our forklift driver training and explore the forklift servicing options available to our valued customers. 

Buying A Forklift


NFL is your Auckland forklift professional if it’s time to buy a forklift - or a fleet of forklifts. If your current forklifts need an upgrade or you want to add a 2nd hand forklift to your warehouse, we can walk you through the best options.


Our team have been in the forklift business supplying used electric forklifts through to new diesel forklifts for long enough to have the confidence that we can provide you with the right product for your needs.


Call us to chat through your forklift Auckland requirements, or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll call you.

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Forklift Solutions For Industry


Our dedicated team have 30 years in the forklift business under our belt, so we have extensive experience across a broad range of industries. 

We understand that different industries require different forklift solutions, and we have the machinery and the know-how to ensure that your business gets the right machine onsite for your job.

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We can recommend a 3-Wheel Forklift Hangcha A Series Electric Forklift 1.3-2.0t if your warehouse is tight on space and needs a forklift that can turn on the spot, or you can opt for a forklift that can serve ground level to 12.0m racking.

​Cold Storage

Cold storage calls for a forklift sale or hire that can handle a chilled environment. We can serve your cold storage needs with freezer-capable forklifts.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

If you are dealing with a busy manufacturing environment, consider increasing your battery power and buying a lithium-Ion electric forklift to make things easier for your stockroom team.


Add a sustainable 2nd hand forklift purchase to your retail warehouse so you can serve your customers sustainably across your entire supply chain.

​​General Industry & Manufacturing

We supply heavy-duty forklifts and forklift maintenance for high-productivity and high-hazard manufacturing businesses - we can even supply an explosion-proof forklift if that’s what you need.

We supply heavy-duty forklifts and forklift maintenance for high-productivity and high-hazard manufacturing businesses - we can even supply an explosion-proof forklift if that’s what you need.

Need a Forklift Lease?


If you are dealing with a looming seasonal stock delivery or need to shift an outsized product order, our casual forklift hire fleet can be rented on a least-cost basis on hourly, daily and weekly rates.

Whether you need one efficient machine or want to book the entire fleet, our friendly crew can chat you through your forklift options. 

While our container handlers and larger capacity machines are in high demand, we can accommodate your forklift lease requirements with some forward planning. 


Once you book your job, we guarantee prompt delivery and have a good range of forklift attachments and extensions available. 


Get in touch to learn more about fuel and fluids, what is required on your end by way of compliance, the expectations around your knowledge of forklifts - and your operator's qualifications. 

Getting Your Auckland Forklift Serviced

You can access professional forklift maintenance, schedule preventative forklift maintenance, and book your Warrant of Fitness at your Auckland forklift specialist.

NFL Forklifts can come to you for 24-hour emergency breakdown service, and we carry spare parts for all the makes and models we supply.


We service on-site, or if you need it, we can also provide a stop-gap forklift while we work on your machine at our service center.


Visit our Servicing page to discover more about what we offer or to request a quote.


NFL Forklifts Auckland Training Courses

Whether you need an F-Endorsement, a Refresher Course, or a New or Full Licence, we can train you for your forklift licence.


All our forklift driver training courses comply with the approved Code of Practice for Forklift Driver Training, and our trainer offers a stress-free training approach that works to get most applicants through at the required pass level of 80%.


Visit our training page now to discover more about the benefits of booking one of our forklift driver training courses.

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