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Forklift training is about making people safe. It is not about testing and retesting drivers.

The only driver training requirement from government is if someone takes a machine on the road. What is done off the road is up to the individual. But if someone doesn’t understand basic principles then an accident awaits them.

We put a brake on that risk with practical hands-on training that with discussion of balance, centre of gravity, rated capacity and the use of attachments among the subjects.

Our trainer Jack Langford is good at getting safety principles across.  He finds that most people can get through the written part but some must work hard to put principles into practice for their certificate.

For useful, practical, stress-relieving training, choose our practical course on workplace safety.


The NFL Forklifts forklift operator training course is based on and complies with the approved Code of Practice for Forklift Driver Training.

The one-day course has a theory section with a multiple-choice written test and a practical section, both marked by our Competenz-registered instructor.

A pass level of 80% in the written test and a demonstration of competency in the practical allows us to issue a Forklift Driving Certificate which covers operators and employers for forklifts used in-house.

Forklifts used on public roads must be driven by holders of an “F” Endorsement on their driving licence. The “F” Endorsement is a separate short course, usually held on the same day as, and after the basic certificate course is completed. Trainees need a current NZ driver’s licence and a National Student Number (available from NZQA) to complete this course.


Refreshers are not mandatory under the Code of Practice but are recommended every three years. We back the recommendation as it does re-focus drivers on the need for safe operation and the consequences of careless operation. For employers, the benefit is that a refresher helps to comply with the H&SE Act requirement to “take all practicable steps to avoid harm”.



Learn the basic skills you need to keep yourself and your workmates safe – we all want to go home at the end of every working day. This is a qualification for your current job and looks good on your CV too.


The Forklift Driving Certificate is peace of mind. It’s accepted evidence that your employee has been adequately trained for their job as a forklift operator and that you are complying with the basic requirements of the H&SE Act.


Interested in booking one of our forklift driver training courses?  Fill in your details below and our representative will be in touch to secure you a spot. 

Our courses are held monthly onsite at NFL Forklifts at our Glenfield, Auckland location.  Numbers are strictly capped at 12.  Training costs:

  • F Endorsement:  $175 per person (+ GST)

  • Refresher:  $200 per person (+  GST)

  • New / Full:  $225 per person (+ GST)

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