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At NFL Forklifts Dunedin, our supportive team has hands-on experience and the advantage of three decades in forklift leasing services, sales, maintenance, and repairs.

Whether you need a short-term West Coast forklift hire to shift a large stock delivery or you want to permanently add a forklift or a fleet of forklifts to your distribution, manufacturing, or cold storage business, NFL Forklifts Dunedin can supply you with the best solution.


Our commercial teams serve clients across forestry, retail, food and beverage manufacturing, construction, warehouse equipment - and anywhere else a forklift might be handy.


At NFL Forklifts, we can also recommend excellent forklift driver training opportunities to ensure your Dunedin forklift operators remain compliant with industry standards.


Fill out the easy enquiry form at the bottom of the page, or call us now for expert advice. 

Dunedin Forklifts Services

As your Dunedin forklift experts, we offer a wide range of services, including forklift sales and hire.

Buying A Forklift


NFL are your Dunedin forklift dealers for one cost-effective forklift - or a fleet. 
If you want to add a secondhand forklift to your storage & distribution warehouse - or your current forklifts need an upgrade - we can walk you through the best options. 


We have electric forklifts, battery-powered forklifts, LPG, petrol and diesel forklifts - and our team has the experience and knowledge required to provide you with the right forklift for the job. 


Fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page, and one of our friendly team will call you to chat through your forklift requirements - or browse our forklifts for sale now. 



Forklift Solutions For Industry

Because the NFL Forklifts Dunedin team has the benefit of 30 years of experience under our belt, our knowledge extends across a broad range of industries.

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The NFL Forklifts Dunedin team can recommend a perfect fit if you need a forklift that can serve ground level to 12.0m racking. Is your warehouse tight on space? We can supply a forklift that will turn on the spot.

Cold Storage


NFL Forklifts Dunedin can serve all your cold storage needs with freezer-capable forklifts. Cold storage requires specific forklift solutions to deal with frigid temperatures. 

General Industry & Manufacturing


Need heavy-duty forklifts or an explosion-proof forklift for your Dunedin manufacturing business? We have you covered across forklift supply and maintenance for high-hazard environments. 

Visit our forklift industry solutions page to discover more about the industries we support with forklift solutions.
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Dunedin Forklift Lease Options


Whether you need effective forklift hire for your South Dunedin SME or want to book our entire rental fleet for an upcoming West Coast stock delivery, all the machines from our equipment rental branch can be hired on a least-cost basis on hourly, daily and weekly rates.

Once you book a Dunedin forklift rental, we guarantee prompt delivery. and we have a comprehensive range of attachments and extensions available.


For more information about leasing a forklift, Dunedin-wide, head to our Rentals page.

Dunedin Forklift Servicing


Need forklift repairs? You can access expert forklift maintenance, schedule preventative forklift servicing, and book your Warrant of Fitness at your local Dunedin forklift specialist. ​

NFL Dunedin provides a 24/7 on-call emergency breakdown service alongside our forklift hire and sales services, and we carry spare parts for every make and model we supply.

We service forklifts on-site and can provide a forklift for you to use while we work on your machine.

Request a quote with the simple form on our Servicing page.

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